Terms & Policies

Lash FX® Terms, Conditions, and Policies of Purchase & Use

All sales are final. We do not offer returns or exchanges on any products with the exception of damaged shipments.

Lash FX® is committed to shipping products and providing services of exceptional quality. Compliance with sanitation regulations requires that Lash FX® cannot accept returns after product packaging has been opened, unless the product is deemed defective upon delivery acceptance. If you suspect product is defective, contact us without delay.

Certified and Trained Professional Use Only

Buyer acknowledges and remains responsible that (I.) any technician using Lash FX® products is a State Board Licensed (or equivalent in your country if outside the US), Certified and Trained Eyelash Extension Technician, (II.)exposure of product chemicals to extreme temperatures and certain environmental factors and usage techniques may cause changes in the product(s), rendering them unsuitable for use and/or achieving optimum results, (III.) products sold by Lash FX® must be used with extreme care in the manner to which they are intended by a trained technician to prevent accidental injury and (IV.) that any usage/application of Lash FX® products in any manner be in complete compliance with any regulating or governing boards applicable with regards to safety of use, permission of use, sanitizing methods, storage and handling.


By purchasing Lash FX® products and thereby agreeing to these terms, conditions and policies, Buyer shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Lash FX®, its directors, officers, owners, employees, independent contractors et al and in no event hold any of these liable for any claims, demands, liabilities, suits, attachments, judgments, losses, penalties, fines, settlements or expenses – including court costs and reasonable attorney fees incident thereto any direct, indirect, special, incidental or economic matter associated with the purchase and/or use of Lash FX® products, services and/or instruction. For all such claims and actions of any suggested actual or alleged negligence (whether active or passive, sole or concurrent, simple or gross, strict or statutory), Lash FX®’s sole liability will be limited to the original purchase price of the product in question.

Expiration of Terms, Conditions and Policies

These terms, conditions and policies are in force and binding with regards to all purchases of Lash FX® products, past, present or future without expiration, except in the case that new policies or terms be set forth in a reasonable, accessible notice to the buyer. Lash FX® reserves the sole discretionary right to review and update or change its terms, product offerings, services and policies as they pertain to product sales, services rendered or instruction at any time.