The Educators Collective – LIVE Online – January 14 2018


FINALLY! Continuing Education for the Educator! Lash Industry advocates & influencers, Levi Shephard and Jill Heijligers-Peloquin have put together an amazing full day course to help you refine your content and gain momentum in educating others in the Lash Industry. Give your courses a quality and content audit to ensure you are offering your students an exceptional, high standard educational experience.  Create a course that will differentiate you from the competition – a comprehensive, accredit-able, insurable and complete program for Lash Artists. Topics covered include: the comprehensive content that MUST be covered by every Lash Course, how to develop a curriculum from start to finish, how to effectively utilize systems and technology to create a well-managed and effective class, how to be a respected and effective educator/mentor/coach and so much more! This course is a career catapult! In short, “How to Create Exceptional Courses”. Please refer to the google drive document ( for further information before booking. Attend the live, interactive broadcast beginning at 10am Eastern Standard Time (New York) from the comfort of your own home. Strong/steady wifi signal is required and is the responsibility of the attending student. Should any unforseen problems arise in the broadcast or with your wifi reception, please note that you will have access to review (not download) the session recordings until 8PM EST Sunday, January 21st – at which time the recordings will no longer be available. The course will break for a short morning and afternoon break as well as for a meal break, during which no recording or streaming will be transmitted. You will earn your certificates by completing our online quiz by January 22, 2018, with a score of 90% or higher. $1000