Silver Banana Under Eye Pads


“Banana shape” or symmetrical under eye pads. Separate the lower lashes from your working field and protect the delicate skin of the face under the eye. Do not allow this product to touch the mucous membranes or border of the eye itself. Ingredients are listed on every package. If any redness, itchiness or irritation presents, discontinue use and was the affected area with gentle soap and rinse with water. If irritation does not resolve, refer to a physician. Clients can develop sensitivities to any product, even after repeated use. Always thoroughly cleanse the entire orbital area before AND immediately after the lash application service to minimize sensitivities and or allergies from developing. Fewer ingredients in this eyepad means fewer opportunites for sensitivities! 100% Natural plant extract. The only four ingredients are Water, Glycerol, Aloe Extract and Vitamin C.  100 pair

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