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Mega X Adhesive 5ml


Since its debut in March 2017, this member of the X SERIES of Expert Adhesives has become a client favorite and our best-selling and top-performing adhesive! MegaX is thin and super-strong! Suitable for any type of lash application – Classic, Volume, or Mega Volume, but we recommend you experiment with it to learn how to work successfully with this formula. Lash FX considers this an “Expert Experience Only” adhesive. Thin. Fast. Appropriate for any humidity level, even dry, arid conditions. Thoroughly cleanse the eyelids and eyelashes before and AFTER the application service for optimal results. Oil and water-resistant. Ingredients: Ethyl-2 Cyanoacrylate, PMMA, isobutylene isoprene copolymer, carbon black. Strong, thin, flexible. $40 REMEMBER that both Relative humidity levels and temperature affect the cure rate of your adhesives. In higher humidity (or higher temps), curing will happen more quickly. Listed drying times and strength will vary with professional expertise, techniques applied, and environmental conditions of your lash studio. Contact us for the safety data sheet.

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