LamiLashes 3D Filler 15ml


Made in Latvia espressly for LamiLashes, the leader in lash lift and lash lamination. 3D Filler (aka “lash botox”) is a nano treatment to restore, repair, moisturize and volumize natural eyelash and brow hairs. This treatment can be done as a stand alone lash repair or brow nourishing mask or as an additional, luxurious step to your lashlifting and lamination or brow tinting services. 3D Filler moisturizes, softens and protects the hair with visible improvements lasting 2 months. Contains no parabens, paraffins, dyes, silicone, formaldehyde or mineral oil. Think of it as a luxurious, deep-conditioning repair mask for chemically treated or previuosly damaged lash and brow hairs. 15ml (up to 70 treatments per bottle – results vary) $45

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