Lash FX Pro Supplies

Banana Shape (Symmetrical) Eye Patch 100 pair


Protecting the delicate skin under the eye, while separating the lower lashes away from the upper lashes is key to a successful lash application. Consider having a couple of choices (different sizes and shapes) of Eyepatches and tapes in your back bar, so you are prepared for anything! The banana shape is symmetrical and offers full coverage. 100 pairs, each in a sealed foil pouch. Apply to the clean, dry surface of the skin. Avoid contact with the eyes/eyeball. Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin. If this product causes irritation to your client's eyes or skin, remove and rinse/gently cleanse the affected area and refer to a physician. Contact us for the Safety Data Sheet for this product if you are required by law to have it on hand.

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