3D Colored Magnetic Lashes with Magnetic Liner


All new 3D Magnetic Lashes.  Everybody loved the idea of Magnetic Lashes UNTIL they tried to put them on or take them off without ripping their lash extensions out.  Enter the new generation of Magnetic Lash looks thanks to our US made, vegan formula MAGIC MAGNETIC EYELINER.  Here’s what makes our “white label” magnetic lashes and liners sets unique: 1) We are offering you luxury lash styles, including colors-coming soon 2) These lashes are made of high quality PBT fiber- JUST LIKE YOUR CUSTOM LASH EXTENSIONS.  3) The lashes have more and smaller magnets, allowing them to attach to the curve of the eye 4) Lastly, it’s as easy as applying our black liquid liner, letting it dry and gently placing  the lashes.  The magnets then do all the work.  The lashes can be trimmed to suit.  YES!  They can be doubled up.  YES! They are reusable (up to 15-30 times). Swipe through our photo gallery above to see all the cool styles available.  We have everything from everyday volume looks to all out drama, including extreme lash styling-just like Kim K!  SDS for the smudge proof, vegan formula liquid eyeliner HERE. One Pair Lashes/One 5 ml Liner $35. Comes with one Black Eyeliner. Suggested Retail price $69 and up. Start your own Lash Club today!! Bulk pricing available- please use our Contact form. $35

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