Mega X Adhesive


This collection offers a comprehensive range of adhesives, enhancers for optimal adhesive performance, and efficient storage solutions.
Gel Adhesive Remover

Extension Removal

Products designed to help remove Eyelash Extensions safely

Eyelashes (Classic, Volume, Pro-Made)

Explore our diverse lash selection, featuring Classic, Volume, Mega Volume lashes, and Pro Made Fans ranging from 3D to 6D! A lash style for every Lash artist

Lash FX Coaching

Tailored to you online coaching

Rich Bubble Cleanser Oil

Lash Preparation

Everything you need to prepare Eyelashes for Extensions! 

Rich Bubble Cleanser Oil

Retail - Client Home Care

These products are perfect for retailing to your clients, allowing them to maintain their stunning eyelash extensions between appointments. Formulated with utmost consideration for delicate eye tissue, our ingredients ensure irritation-free usage.