Lash FX Pro Supplies

Pro-Made Express Volume Fans by Lash FX 3D.05

Lash faster! Style with consistent fans - whoa, it does NOT have to be so hard!
The product evolution is finally catching up to the technique revolution! As absolutely lightweight as possible in a .05 diameter and bound to a perfectly tapered base by heat – kept in the perfect UNCOLLAPSABLE fan  – these express volume fans are super light-weight, affordable, and beautiful.  Short-stemmed bases for maximum fluffiness that lasts! Your glue bond will be streamlined with no bulk. Available in C and D curl in sizes 8mm-16mm. 240 fans per tray (FIVE cents per fan!). We highly recommend using our Grip-Slip™ tweezers to apply these, so that you do not crimp the delicate lash fibers. $15

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